Shame or fame for Chester?
Disappointed that Senator Fiona Nash didn't take up the Infrastructure & Transport portfolio, after sitting on the RRAT Committee for a number of years in Estimates & especially the Pelair cover-up Inquiry she certainly would have been well briefed on the toxicity that lies within the Aviation Safety 'three Stooges'.

Barnaby would have been a bit of a wildcard but at least it would have been an interesting ride and he has been known to kick the crap out of a bureaucrat from time to time.. Big Grin

Chester is a complete unknown (blank sheet) having by-passed the junior ministry ranks but his acceptance media release does not fill me with whole lot of confidence when it comes to his awareness of an ailing GA industry, ailing because of CASA slowly but inexorably strangling it.. Dodgy

[Image: DC-statement.png]
However the background pic on Mr Chester's twitter account suggests that he maybe aware that there are smaller aircraft than the ones that convey him to & from Can'tberra:

[Image: Nash-Chester.jpg]

He would also do well to take counsel on matters aeronautical from the lady (now deputy leader of the NATs) on his right  Big Grin

Also from a joint presser back in November last year, Mr Chester should have a reasonable appreciation of the economic benefits of aviation to smaller communities like those that he represents:
Quote:Latrobe Valley soars with aviation upgrade

Media Release
18 November 2015

Joint release with:
Jaala Pulford
Victorian Minister for Regional Development
Darren Chester
Member for Gippsland

The Latrobe Valley's economy has received a significant boost with the opening of the Growing Aerospace Manufacturing facility at Latrobe Regional Airport today.

Acting Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss said the $4.24 million project is a major boost for the region's economy.

“This project created 107 jobs during construction and up to 200 jobs have been created in the aerospace industry since the start of this project,” Mr Truss said.

“The work has involved the construction of an additional aircraft development hangar and infrastructure upgrades to support manufacturing and emergency services at the airport. It has also seen improvements to navigation aids, runway lighting, taxiways and aprons.

“What this means is a much more effective airport capable of handling growth in air traffic, a particularly important outcome for regional towns impacted by the tyranny of distance.”

Federal Member for Gippsland Darren Chester said the extensive upgrades had been ‘class-leading’.

“Outcomes of the project included the replacement of the old incandescent lighting system with a complete LED runway and taxiway lighting system, and a Precision Approach Path Indicator, which is the largest complete LED system currently in Victoria,” Mr Chester said.

“Other works included a 33,350 square metre resurfacing of the main runway, improved drainage and additional water tanks, as well as improvements to taxiways and line markings.”

Victorian Minister for Regional Development Jaala Pulford said the upgrades to the airport held benefits for more than just local residents.

“The Victorian Government hosts a number of its aerial firefighting aircraft at the airport, a particularly important service we can draw on during a hot dry summer,” Ms Pulford said.

“I am delighted to see the upgrades complete and I am looking forward to continued investment by the Australian Government in the region. Supporting projects like these is the aim of our $500 million Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund which will support major projects, create jobs and build stronger regional communities in the Latrobe Valley.”

Now for the beginning of the IOS education of the future Minister/miniscule.. Big Grin

Dear Mr Chester, please start by referring to the AMROBA thread from about HERE 

[Image: Who-Cares-800x400.jpg]

& - Act now or else

So Mr Chester some light reading  to contemplate the enormity of the challenges ahead of you, in aviation safety at least Wink 

In the lead up to Mr Chester's proud moment in front of his peers & the GG, the IOS (in an Act of Grace   Rolleyes ) will allow him time to get his feet under the desk - well at least half-an-hour before the (onslaught) games resume Big Grin  

MTF..P2 Tongue

I am not filled with any hope.

Time will tell.

Mrdak to new minister:  "I run the show - you follow my script ........."
“This project created 107 jobs during construction and up to 200 jobs have been created in the aerospace industry since the start of this project,” Mr Truss said.

He forgot to say that this represents a tiny fraction of the jobs he destroyed. Mind not just by himself because Labor was guilty as well, what a sick joke to hear him pontificating re the Valley upgrade.
Yeah but, the sighs of relief from the Murky Machiavellian inner sanctum are almost deafening. Fresh meat; with NFI how to comprehend, let alone deal with the ‘mystique’ or machinations. A brand new rubber stamp to be used, as and when required. I realise same sex marriage is a far more important topic than an industry going ‘tits up’, jobs being lost, taxable revenue vanishing, skills disappearing and the potential for serious accident leading to gross cover up, I do. So no one will be surprised when a new raft of regulation pops up demanding that we not ask the other, gender neutral person on the flight deck, whether the happy couple were blessed with boy or a girl; it’s verboten.

The case for setting up in a remote village, posing as a harmless eccentric who likes to be left alone and mumbles to his dogs on long rambles into the quiet places of the world, when not throwing rocks at the traffic, is compelling.

Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping than you can understand. (W.B. Yates).
Ps it behoves us all to get the message loud and clear to Darren Chester, phone his office, emails or smoke signals.
Gobbledock wrote:-

Quote:Kharon, perhaps it is we, the IOS, who have it all wrong? Have a think about the following during your Sunday walk with the dogs.

- Queer marriage; If it is legalised just think about the additional revenue this will bring in? All those weddings will benefit an ailing economy and it will bring in extra tax, GST, stimulate jobs (and I do mean 'stimulate'), increase work for the bridal industry, adult shops and caterers. Brilliant!

- Buggered aviation industry leading to a crash; Brilliant! Think of the extra employment opportunities within CAsA. What about additional training required for pilots (it's always the pilots fault). That will stimulate flight schools, flight simulators, a multitude of additional trainers and instructors, greater hourly aircraft utilisation, more CAsA Inspectors flying around the country and over to Montreal equals more airline seats sold translating into more profits for the airlines and more tax revenue for Malcolm! Brilliant.

- New regulations post accident; again a truly beneficial concept. More bureacratic red tape means more money spent by industry jumping through unnecessary hoops. An endless stream of additional income for Malcolm. Perhaps each and evey aviation ASIC holder will be forced to purchase a 'safety card', a bit like the tradesman card/liscence those poor buggers have to pay for? Say $300 for a plastic card that tells the world you work in an industry that revolves around safety, and that you understand safety! More 'easy' money for the government. Brilliant!
While Mr Chester is getting up to speed on his portfolio, perhaps he should consult with his Nats colleagues on their recent experience of the embuggerance of industry by CASA:

(02-11-2016, 05:55 PM)Peetwo Wrote:
(02-09-2016, 06:07 PM)Peetwo Wrote: OST bullshit factor is mounting - Dodgy

Have gone through the CASA Estimates appearance last night and IMO the Oliver Skidmore-Twist performance was totally underwhelming, mixed with incompetent (NFI), arrogant and at times completely disrespectful of the Senators and their questioning. Dodgy

Here is the first two Senators representing the concerns of their constituents, that have now got a wake up call on how CASA is all spin, plenty of bullshit & a law unto themselves.

First from QLD Senator Barry O'Sullivan on Jabiru aircraft:

From Oz Flying today on the Senator O'Sullivan inquisition & rant:

Quote:[Image: Jabiru_J230_83181840-8979-11E4-9AA902F426829E60.jpg]
Jabiru J230

Queensland Senator questions CASA over Jabiru Engine
11 Feb 2016

Queensland Liberal National Party senator, Barry O'Sullivan, has questioned the way the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has handled the restrictions placed on aircraft with Jabiru engines.

After what it says is an unacceptable rate of engine failures compared with other manufacturers, CASA banned aircraft with Jabiru engines from flying over built-up areas as "precautionary limitations."

In Senate Estimate Committee on Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport in Canberra on Monday, Senator O'Sullivan questioned CASA Director of Aviation Safety Mark Skidmore and Associate Director Jonathon Aleck over the performance of the Jabiru engine since modifications were made, and suggested the issue had dragged on too long.

"During a meeting on 14 November were you advised that there had been design developments that had been made to the Jabiru engine over recent years?" O'Sullivan asked Aleck. "You were made aware of that?"

"That there had been design developments to the engine over the years—yes, certainly. We were aware ..." Aleck replied.

O'Sullivan continued: "And they submitted to you that they felt they had resolved some of these critical issues that you had used to place these limitations on them? Did they make that submission to you?"

Aleck: "They suggested that was so."

O'Sullivan then expressed some frustration and finished with the suggestion that a Senate Inquiry might be needed to sort it out if CASA was not forthcoming.

"What evaluation have you now done on the enhanced engines to see whether their performance is better, and up to an acceptable standard, versus the old engines?" he asked.

"Gentlemen, this company [Jabiru] is on the verge of tipping over and this has been a long-running saga ... If any of the facts that are being presented to me are correct in relation to how CASA has dealt with this company—how long it has taken and the manner in which the consultations occurred—then there is a problem: a serious problem.

"I will not have time to deal with it today, but maybe we can have a quiet audience for me to go through some of these issues with you; otherwise I will be asking my colleagues to join me to have an inquiry to have a look at how you have dealt with this."

Aleck replied that CASA would be happy to talk the senator through the issues outside of the committee room.

Earlier, both Skidmore and Aleck confirmed that a tear-down test of a Jabiru engine with three modifications showed the engine could endure 900 hours, when the standard called for only 200 hours.

"This [engine] had 900 hours," Aleck said, "so that was quite impressive."
According to CASA, Jabiru engines had 2-3 failures every 10,000 hours, when the US National Transport Safety Board had established an acceptable level of one every 10,000 hours.

Next from Senator 'Wacka' Williams, on Cessna SIDS:

MTF?- Definitely..P2 Big Grin  

And for those interested here is the Hansard for the CASA session - Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee - 08/02/2016 - Estimates - INFRASTRUCTURE AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PORTFOLIO - Civil Aviation Safety Authority
{P2 comment: Mr Chester should be aware that Senator Barry O'Sullivan's appearance at RRAT Estimates has generated much interest, with over a 1000 views so far in less than 4 days.} 
TICK..TOCK Minister/miniscule to be.. Confused
MTF...P2 Tongue
Update to:

Not any time soon.
Timeing of other events is key.
Consider the Third Quarter (July - September) with Federal Election by then imminent.
Sequence of events:--
1. Truss has retired - Replaced by Chester (Feb 2016).
2. MH-370 search will be "wound up" in July 2016.
3. Beaker term expires.
4. Release "black-hat" Norfolk Mk2 during election campaign period so that it is "lost in the noise".
Post Election:-
1. Minister - Chester from Feb 2016 - "new" minister after election still possible.
2. Mrdak gets Beaker re-appointed.
3. New senate committees - existing "troublesome" senators "neutralised" by putting them on "other committees".
4. Game starts again ..................
Chess Play...Checkmate Chester. Think Again.

Next move?

Two NFI's Smothered with Sticky Political Jam.

NFI- NorFolk Island. Yep. Remember that Checkmate Chester. Not over yet!
NFI- No #^€*!/&$ Idea.

I have contacted every person I can over the past six+ years.
No response adequate enough to address the serious issues. As pointed out by the Heff. Yes it is Fucking Risky still.

No more NFI's!

My personal matter is back in the Supreme Court on Feb 24th, as Pel-Airs Insurers have appealed. 

I hear that some families of the MH 370 tragedy (RIP all) have started law suites against the airline.
I wish you all the love and perseverance you will need to endure 
Because Aviation is run by Corporations, not expert Aviators.
And they are all LINKED together. 
Chain reactions of untruths is their glue.


Of course. Ignored by the Prime Minister? Perplexed? 
One would think that the Aviation Portfolio would be an important one, considering the nature of the death of his father. RIP.

Now, to try & bury NFI P/A ditching. 
Try as you might. 
Can see the game clear now.

Timing, scripted speeches, shuffles, blah blah blah.

Screenplay-Movie: Now this is where the truth, the whole truth will be told.



Bloody hell, the whole system before and after that has created this monster.

The Politically Created Monster of NFI with a Minister who has NFI.


I think your predictions may be right VentUs.

Little birdy told me the report "should" be out in about two months.

Writing, writing, writing...
I will not old back.

Is there interest in this saga?

You better believe it!

Heart Ziggy.
Always worth reading, The Mandarin has provided a neat, potted version of what the re shuffle means; -HERE.

Quote:Darren Chester leaves Defence behind, and instead takes over Infrastructure and Transport — a big promotion, but won’t be the top minister in the portfolio group. Instead, Regional Development now leapfrogs as the senior ministry, and goes to new deputy leader of the Nationals, Senator Fiona Nash.

Nash, has been given a carve-0ut of regional issues, including Regional Development, Regional Communications and Rural Health. This will bsenatore an interesting cross-portfolio collection to watch, if it lives up to the potential for collaboration this unique situation offers.

So far so good, but some of us are wondering how much ‘power’ Merde’k will loose and who will be looking after Nash and Pete, the famous Pot plant?  The ministerial shuffling may not be of much interest, but the ownership of power behind the ministerial throne is, for the IOS of crucial importance. Power is not a thing given up lightly, or easily; unless of course one of the MM crew gets the gig.  

Well done Ms Nash. Bravo.  We wish you well.  Perhaps you could loan Pete to Chester, just to set him on the right road for aviation, so he may know all the secrets.
(02-15-2016, 06:11 AM)kharon Wrote: Always worth reading, The Mandarin has provided a neat, potted version of what the re shuffle means; -HERE.

Quote:Darren Chester leaves Defence behind, and instead takes over Infrastructure and Transport — a big promotion, but won’t be the top minister in the portfolio group. Instead, Regional Development now leapfrogs as the senior ministry, and goes to new deputy leader of the Nationals, Senator Fiona Nash.

Nash, has been given a carve-0ut of regional issues, including Regional Development, Regional Communications and Rural Health. This will bsenatore an interesting cross-portfolio collection to watch, if it lives up to the potential for collaboration this unique situation offers.

So far so good, but some of us are wondering how much ‘power’ Merde’k will loose and who will be looking after Nash and Pete, the famous Pot plant?  The ministerial shuffling may not be of much interest, but the ownership of power behind the ministerial throne is, for the IOS of crucial importance. Power is not a thing given up lightly, or easily; unless of course one of the MM crew gets the gig.  

Devil's advocate Huh
I don't know "K", perhaps the interdepartmental restructure is more about giving Murky some much needed distance on all things that move i.e. freight & SLF (public). It would kind of make sense for apparently experience in the Mandarin ranks counts for a lot and in that department M&M is highly regarded and recently received an ANAO vote of confidence.

From Mandarin/Crikey (Bernard Keane) article - Keane: after years of decline, who’ll rescue the public service?
Quote:In contrast, it is noteworthy that one of the more successful Coalition ministers, Mathias Cormann, has the highly experienced Jane “kids overboard” Halton as his secretary. Experience is important in the APS, even in the face of reckless ministers and prime ministers. The Australian National Audit Office’s report on the Abbott government’s East-West Link debacle, for example, shows the Department of Infrastructure, under the experienced leadership of the well-regarded Mike Mrdak, in a positive light:

Quote:ANAO - “The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (DIRD) provided clear advice to Government that the $1.5 billion was being paid in advance of project needs, and proposed an alternative payment approach that aligned payments with project progress. The decision to provide $1.5 billion in advance provided budget presentation benefits to the Government by bringing forward the payments which resulted in a larger budget deficit for 2013–14. DIRD also provided timely advice to Ministers when it became evident that there was an increased risk that stage one may not proceed. The ANAO has not made any recommendations in relation to entity advisory processes given the audit found that the funding decisions had been informed by well-considered departmental advice.”
He may have only been in the top job for just over three weeks but that restructure to me has Parko's fingerprints all over it & could end up being a masterstroke. Also from the Keane article:
Quote:The return of Martin Parkinson as the new head of PM&C is, in this context, a positive sign. So too is Drew Clarke, former Communications secretary, as chief of staff to Turnbull. Both, plainly, know APS process inside out and understand the problems of corner cutting and politicisation. With chatter that John Fraser will be returning to the private sector sooner rather than later, the Turnbull government has then opportunity to begin rebuilding the APS to the point where, perhaps, it might once again seriously aim for world’s best practice.
In effect the Department restructure gives back a dedicated Transport Minister to the portfolio, albeit a junior Minister, while keeping the Senior department Minister Senator Nash in a oversight position, without being directly accessible & persuaded by the deliberately obfuscating, self-preserving, 'mystique of aviation safety' mantra trotted out on cue by the 3 stooges - CASA, ASA & the ATSB. The question is who will become Chesty's personal mandarin - Hint Murky: Please don't pick Willo, he is seriously on the Senator's shit list. Confused

Moving on & old mate Senator 'Bazza' O'Sullivan continues to garner admirers for his dress down of Oliver Skidmore-twist (CASA) & his dodgy crew at Estimates on their latest embuggerance victim, Jabiru Aircraft.

Here are a couple of comments off the Youtube page: 
Kevin Wilson - I'm sure Senator O'Sullivan has been well briefed. The behind closed doors meeting will surely bring the truth to the fore that all in Aviation other than CASA already know.   

Anthony Sibary - Go get 'em Senator...  


Anthony Sibary -  How good is it to see an elected Public Official doing what they are elected to do and that is represent their constituents! The media is very quick to rubbish them at every opportunity...Good on you Senator Barry O'Sullivan.  
2nd that - "Go get 'em Senator"  Wink

MTF...P2 Tongue
Chester officially sworn in as Infrastructure & Transport Minister

Comment from Hitch courtesy Oz Flying:

Quote:[Image: Darren_Chester_GA8_280E8B20-D5CA-11E5-B2...62CCED.jpg]
New Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Gippsland's Darren Chester. (office of Darren Chester)

New Minister has General Aviation Exposure
18 Feb 2016

Australia's new Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, the National's Darren Chester MP, has had plenty of exposure to the general aviation community over his political career.

Chester, the federal member for Gippsland in Victoria, takes up his new role today, replacing the retiring Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Warren Truss.
Chester started his political career in 2008, when he was elected to the National's safe seat of Gippsland, following the retirement of Peter McGauran. Two years later he became Parliamentary Secretary for Roads and Regional Transport, and Parliamentary Secretary for Defence in 2013. Last year, the Turnbull government elevated him to Assistant Minister for Defence, before handing him the Infrastructure and Transport portfolio in last Saturday's cabinet reshuffle.

Other than his short involvement with regional transport, there is little in this surface history to suggest any connection with general aviation. To find that, you must go deeper into his career in politics.

His electorate of Gippsland includes Latrobe Regional Airport, home to GA manufacturer Mahindra Aerospace: GippsAero to the purists. GippsAero has been going through some tougher times of late, with flagging sales and delayed certification for the turbo-prop Airvan 10. Although it is a bit much to expect the minister to do anything about soft markets and stiff competition, having their local MP step into the job already infused with the challenges facing the company can only be good for GippsAero. The last thing any MP wants is job losses in their own backyard.

Chester is also a customer of general aviation, plying the sky between Canberra and Lakes Entrance in a chartered Piper Seneca regularly. Now the pilot knows he is ferrying the minister around, you can bet there will be some interesting conversations in the headphones high above the Monaro ... if there haven't been already. This is "coal-face" input at its best. Every time he straps in, Chester will be shown the inherent value of general aviation and there's no doubt the ramifications of an industry collapse will be apparent to him. It's a long drive even when you're chauffered.

Our new minister is also a member of the Parliamentary Friends of Aviation Group. This is a collection of federal MPs that gather to "provide members a great opportunity to stay informed about the issues the industry is facing." It is chaired by long-time aviation champion Senator David Fawcett. Now, you would hope the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport would be part of this group, but the fact that Chester was a member before getting the ministerial gig shows a pre-existing interest in the industry.

None of this suggests that general aviation will have an elevated level of influence on Darren Chester. As minister, he is also responsible for the airlines as well. He will find the best interests of RPT and GA colliding on his desk regularly, forcing him to try to strike a balance between the two.

So, what is going to change? Immediately, we can expect nothing to happen. There is a Federal Election looming in the second half of this year, and although Chester is probably a monty to keep Gippsland, it is always risky making changes that might prove unpopular enough to unseat MPs under siege in marginal electorates.

Over the next couple of weeks, we can expect an announcement that the new minister intends to keep going with the reforms instigated under Warren Truss, but no new policies or directives until after polling day.

Only then will the general aviation community be able to judge the impact of Darren Chester MP in his own right.
MTF..P2 Tongue
The Heff to go.....

An insider told me over a week ago that the Heff had been given his marching orders. As always, the Gobbledocks intel was correct. Mainstream media now reporting officially that Heff is not re-contesting at the next election. So sadly the naughty Heff who provided us much entertainment at the Senate will be heading into retirement.

I would like to personally send Heff some chocolate frogs in appreciation of his hard work. I wanted to give him Pot Plant Pete, however the very desirable Fiona Nash said NO. So farewell to the man who brought us fun in the senate, and my favourite will always be his 'dipshit' comment. Pure Heff at his best. There will always be a position on the houseboat for Heff, working the engine room or scrubbing decks. They are menial tasks but necessary ones to ensure the houseboat keeps picking up its passengers and dropping them off at the other side. 

To Senator Heffernan I say farewell and best wishes in your retirement. As for retiring in general i must say "fuck, that's risky shit".

Minister take note - Confused

P9 from off the Alphabet if’s and but's thread:
(02-23-2016, 05:54 AM)kharon Wrote:
Quote:P2 – “Well the former miniscule did that but that was like water off the duck's back for Murky & his three stooges to completely obfuscate & whitewash”

Back in the good old days, in theory, before a man (or woman) was hanged the case against had to be proven beyond reasonable doubt; to achieve this evidence was required which was tested and the jury then had to decide whether the prisoner was guilty or not.  As time progressed the method and process became more complex but the principal remains the same. 

Now we have CASA essentially on trial.  Rev. Forsyth, prosecutor, has won the day and proven that the prisoner at the bar is indeed guilty.  A jury of peers has confirmed this and a minister of the crown has agreed with that verdict, which rules out an appeal.  These days, the bad ‘uns ain’t hanged.  Rehabilitation is the way, so our miscreants must agree to reform and rehabilitation programs.

This of course relies on the leopard wanting to change it’s spots.  There is no damn point to all of this unless an equal burden of proof that the ‘reform’ has actually occurred is provided.  In short, CASA cannot amble about the country side telling everyone who’ll listen they are reformed and improving; they must provide empirical evidence that the cure has taken effect.  

Since Forsyth I can find no evidence to support real change; there simply isn’t any.  Lots of smoke, plenty of mirrors lots of bling and window dressing; but SFA of an empirical nature.  There is however a mounting pile of ‘evidence’ that they have simply become even more cunning and improved their camouflage.  Some of the tales from folk who have, of necessity, been forced to deal with CASA report that behind the smiling façade, the intent and malice still lurk, as angry and aggressive as ever.

Before I can believe there is a change I’d need to see clear evidence of that change.  Before anyone even thinks of ‘assisting’ this process a clearly defined raft of real changes must be clearly demonstrated.

Why? Well, IMO CASA and only CASA created the current mess; their ‘experts’, their management and their ‘executive' are solely responsible for the industry mistrust, disdain and dislike.  If ‘we’ help to build a better system the same incumbent incompetents will remain ensconced.  The same attitude of arrogant superiority will pervade on the top floor and any credit for helping will be claimed as their own.  By assisting, we perpetrate the fraud and are guilty by association with future relapses into bad faith.

Let’s see some prosecution of managers and FOI’s, those who have, thus far, gotten away with some despicable acts.  Let’s see some firing and hiring.  Show us a cooperative act that is not window dressing.  There is a long, long list of bastardry, incompetence and vicious attack. Show the industry that the miscreants have been punished not cosseted, protected and promoted.

Otherwise, reform is, and remains a fairy tale, a fraud.  Assisting to perpetuate this fraud will not improve industry’s lot one iota.  Not until repentance, restitution and punishment has been delivered; then we can consider rehabilitation.  Anything less is bollocks.

It wearies me; Forsyth and Board have much to do and the clock is ticking while those that created the mess get comfy and feel secure.  Best crack on then, before the slime oozes through the gaps and contamination spreads.  Exemptions anyone?

Toot FCOL bloody toot.

And Minister if you want a quick initiation of how it will transpire if you decide, like your predecessor, to leave it to the bureaucrats go no further than this post off 'Mythical Reform' in regards to the simmering debacle of CAO 48.1:

CAO48.1 - PFOAG Chair David Fawcett rethink perhaps?

Perhaps you could have a quiet chat with Senator Fawcett on this classic example of CASA sheer bloody-mindedness when it comes to the, 'drifting forever', Regulatory Reform Program.. Dodgy

MTF...P2 Tongue   
Week two of Minister Chester

Yesterday Chester made his first official presser related to aviation safety.. Undecided

Quote:Flight emergency at Melbourne Airport

Media Release
01 March 2016

The Australian Government has confirmed a plane to Melbourne landed safely following an incident on a domestic flight.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said the Tiger Airways flight registered an emergency on approach to Melbourne.

"Tiger Airlines flight TGW 511 reported an odour in the cockpit and cabin just before 10am this morning on a flight from Brisbane to Melbourne," Mr Chester said.
"There were reports that crew members were taken ill.

"Emergency plans at the airport were immediately activated; the flight was provided priority landing and the flight landed safety around 10am.

"Fire and emergency services were on standby and the Victoria Ambulance attended to a number of passengers.

"Airservices and the Victoria state emergency services worked seamlessly in parallel today to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew onboard.

"The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will now investigate the incident," Mr Chester said.
I don't know about anyone else but I find that MR a positive sign that the Minister is engaging with his responsibilities to overseeing aviation safety... Wink
I also like the fact that he has effectively told Beaker that the ATSB will investigate Shy
And so they shall, inputted today on ATSB Aviation investigation webpage:
Quote:Investigation number: AO-2016-016

Investigation status: Active
[Image: progress_0.png]
The ATSB is investigating a fumes event involving a Tiger Airways Airbus, VH-VNO, near Melbourne, Victoria, on 1 March 2016.

During descent to Melbourne, the crew declared a PAN due to report of fumes in the cabin. The aircraft landed safely at Melbourne. No passengers were affected, but one cabin crew member became unwell.

As part of the investigation, the ATSB will interview the crew and gather additional information.

A report will be released within several months.
General details
Date: 01 Mar 2016
Investigation status: Active
Time: 09:33 ESuT
Investigation type: Occurrence Investigation
Location   (show map): near Melbourne Airport
Occurrence type: Fumes
State: VIC
Occurrence category: Incident
Report status: Pending
Highest injury level: None
Expected completion: May 2016 
Aircraft details
Aircraft manufacturer: Airbus
Aircraft model: A320-232
Aircraft registration: VH-VNO
Serial number: 4053
Operator: Tiger Airways Australia
Type of operation: Air Transport High Capacity
Sector: Jet
Damage to aircraft: Nil
Departure point: Brisbane, Qld
Destination: Melbourne, Vic.
[Image: share.png][Image: feedback.png]

Last update 02 March 2016

Minister take note No2.

From the latest AOPA - From the Prez Feb-Mar '16 - these are some of the issues that you are going to have to get your head around.. Confused

[Image: pres-report-feb-mar-2016.jpg]

MTF...P2 Tongue  

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