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The Carmody Hour.
Of bureaucratic stonewalls & Fort Fumble embuggerances - Dodgy

On 'CASA meets the Press' thorny despairs at the M&M appointment of Comardy...

"..Another career Mandarin installed by the "Iron Ring" to ensure Australia continues down the road as an International Joke and ensuring their trough privileges remain intact. The corrupt scum bags win again, the industry loses again.

Oh well, there's always New Zealand suppose, Australia is screwed.."

...and Kharon cites a perfect example (above) of a classic FF case of embuggerance that has reached finality (maybe??) under the Comardy watch, that would appear to contradict the supposedly 'new' caring, sharing, trustworthy CASA that is warmly embracing the recommendations of the Forsyth review recommendations... (retch!) Undecided

Anyway for what it is worth I get the feeling that Senator Fawcett was already privy to the fact that Comardy was to be the anointed one:


Along with the apparent reincarnation of the CVD matter by Senator Fawcett, I also get the feeling that the good Senator believes he has the upper hand on the ATSB Essendon B200  investigation as it is related to aviation safety surrounding airport developments:

Quote:Senator FAWCETT:...I guess I am seeking assurance from you, Mr Carmody, that CASA's approach to this, as we have discussed here on multiple occasions, will move beyond the, 'It can be made safe by limiting the operations' to, 'This is what an airport is designed to do in terms of the Commonwealth lease'—which says it must maintain its existing capacity and have the option to grow capacity—so that CASA will put its hand up and say, 'If these changes are made for existing or future operations, it will be unsafe,' as opposed to saying, 'It can be made safe by limiting operations,' which has been the practice in the past. I am seeking that assurance from you that the organisation will change the way it views its role in assessing that aggregation of safety implications.

Mr Carmody : I will certainly look at that.

Senator FAWCETT: Thank you.

Mr Carmody : I understand the logic of the statement you have made. I would like to go back and review how it is actually done, but I understand the point you are making.

Senator FAWCETT: I have raised on multiple occasions the example in Archerfield and the realignment and shortening of runways and the fact that CASA has ticked off on that. Yet, as pointed out by the operators there, for them to comply with CASA's requirements, in terms of planning for wet runways, climb gradients, factoring that they have to put in, they cannot comply. Therefore, yes, it can be made safe by having reduced payloads, but that then affects the commercial viability of the operation and flies in the face of the terms of the lease for the airport.

Mr Carmody : Understood.

However 60 odd previous Senate Inquiry recommendations and 37 mostly obfuscated Forsyth recommendations, prove that despite the tenacity and good intentions of the RRAT committee the bureaucracy still stubbornly blocks any real reform of the aviation safety regulator... Dodgy

MTF...P2 Cool
Gobbledocks version of congratulations

Having Wingnut as DAS will be about as effective as being given an enema filled with battery acid.

5 years is a long time Shane. We're watching........

"October 2016 Acting Chief Executive Officer and Director of Aviation Safety
April 2016 – October 2016 Deputy Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.
June 2014 – April 2016 Deputy Secretary / Chief Executive Officer, Department of Veterans’ Affairs
June 2009 – June 2014 Deputy President of the Repatriation Commission; member Military, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission
October 2006 – October 2009 Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Civil Aviation Safety Authority
January – October 2006 Deputy Secretary Intelligence and Security, Department of Defence
July 2002 – December 2005 Deputy Secretary Strategy, Department of Defence
June 2001 - January 2002 Deputy Secretary Intelligence and Security, Department of Defence"

Looking at wing nuts career, it would seem he's had more experience as a spook than an Aviation SAFETY pundit.
Perhaps thats why CAsA are so interested in accessing META data so they can read everyones email accounts.
Your CAsA medical records are certainly not private, where everyone down to the tea lady can access your medical files.
That was bought home to me by two FOI's fronting my CP, without my knowledge, to discuss a medical problem I had, it was obvious they had read my medical file, not even the real police can do that.
There is no doubt CAsA has morphed into a renegade, Pseudo police force.
Their speciality is fitting people up, as they say, and because they are the jury, judge and executioner they can destroy peoples businesses, career's, and lives with no possibility of appeal or review, utilising dodgy UTube videos, swearing false statements, and committing perjury in front of kangaroo courts overseen by Pseudo judges.

"There is no doubt CAsA has morphed into a renegade, Pseudo police force.
Their speciality is fitting people up, as they say, and because they are the jury, judge and executioner they can destroy peoples businesses, career's, and lives with no possibility of appeal or review, utilising dodgy UTube videos, swearing false statements, and committing perjury in front of kangaroo courts overseen by Pseudo judges".

And that's just their good points mate!!!!
For a look at CAsA's own staff medical records you need to search the filing cabinets in the dilapidated Wolston Park nuthouse in Brisbane!
Aye, even so..

Investments come in many flavours; some pure speculation, the race track being a classic example. The stock market another; you pays your money and takes your chances. Others do not realise an immediate return; like the kids school fees, not so much an investment for you, but a long term benefit to them. Almost everything you do involves a risk and a ‘cost’ in one way or another.

Take the work of the inestimable Senate RRAT committee as an example. Gods alone know the total cost of the Pel-Air debacle (CASA and ATSB have NFI). Think about it- holistically; from splashdown to this day. Just for fun, let’s have a wee keek at the big ticket items on the bill.

Man hours for search and rescue.
ATSB on site investigation.
Vic police on site.
ATSB initial report –
CASA parallel investigation
Time to provide the ‘final’ report.
Legal cost of actions against James.
Man hours taken to reach Senate inquiry stage.
Cost of the extensive Senate inquiry – (not just Senators, but the whole operation).
Cost of salvage II and CVR analysis.
Cost of producing the Senate recommendations.
Cost of consultation before Truss ordered the ASRR.
Cost of the ASRR.
Cost of the Canadian 'peer' review.
Cost of report #2.

The above is not an extensive list; when you begin to break it down into component costs; the numbers, even on conservative ‘guesstimates’ very quickly become very scary.

The Australian people; knowingly or not, directly or indirectly, have invested, through third party proxy, without their express approval, in blind faith; a very significant sum in the Pel-Air ‘investigation’. To keep that investment viable; several millions more have been invested in a Canadian peer review and countless man hours expended in the new ‘review’.

Carmody is, clearly, the ministerial choice as the new boss CASA; he is most certainly not the industry’s first choice. We may then safely assume he speaks with the ministers voice and is going to provide us with only departmentally vetted ministerial answers to our questions, strictly in the interests of ministerial protection.

So, it is question time:-

Can the minister advise when all 60 recommendations made by the Senate Committee and the ASRR will be fully and completely implemented?

Can the minister provide a guaranteed time line for full implementation?

Can the minister provide empirical evidence of that implementation?

Can the minister show what direct action has been taken against those who manipulated an air accident report, mislead a Senate committee and destroyed an industry faith in it’s regulator and safety agencies?

Can the minister show what actions have been taken to prevent such an aberration being repeated and explain why industry may, once again, have faith in the actions of the regulator and of the accident investigation system?

Can the minister explain why, this huge investment in one small area of aviation safety has not generated a tangible return?

Carmody may well contemplate sitting on his rump, counting the super until he retires; but those questions will still demand answers unless he stirs his bones and actually addresses the problems which have been ignored for many a long, weary year now.

I say, Pel-Air is the veritable tip of a very large, ugly iceberg. CASA version of ‘safety’ is a complete nonsense and ATSB investigation of the results of CASA incompetence is naught but piss poor lip service dedicated to keeping the minister’s boots free of the mud, blood and shite left in the wake of our failed investment.

The Carmody hour runs for 60 minutes; the clock starts now.

A fortnight of Comardy Caper re-runs - Dodgy

Just over a fortnight now since miniscule_NFI_6D officially rubberstamped the M&M pick for CASA CEO - so what's been happening at FF HQ since the official announcement... Huh

Well yesterday FF announced the release of the latest - as required by the ASRR - biannual customer service delivery survey:

Quote:Help CASA help you by completing this short survey about our customer service delivery.  #aviation

[Image: DC4yZn6UIAATlTT.jpg:large]

Here is one IOS member's tweep reply/response to the CSD survey... Wink :

Quote:Where is the question about the forsyth review? Or the control cables, or satisfaction with part 135, or 61... or costs of ADSB, or SIDS?

Next today - again from the FF twitter guy - CAsA announce yet another review/advisory panel... Confused
Quote:We're forming the Aviation Safety Advisory Panel to streamline & better coordinate consultation on safety issues.

[Image: DC-J3HFUQAAixur.jpg]
& via Oz Flying:
Quote:[Image: CASA_flight_ops.jpg]A CASA Flight Operations Inspector at work. (CASA)

CASA establishes New Advisory Panel
23 June 2017

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) will introduce a new advisory panel next month as part of a review of the regulator's consultation regime.

The Aviation Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) will replace the functions of several other consultative committees and panels, after review findings concluded that CASA was limited in effectiveness by duplication and complexity.

"The ASAP will be the primary advisory body through which CASA will direct its engagement with industry and seek input on current and future regulatory and associated policy approaches," CASA Director of Aviation Safety Shane Carmody said.

"In addition to engagement on rulemaking, the ASAP has the latitude to engage on any issues which may impact on aviation safety or the way CASA operates.

"Agreement on the policy approach and actions to address identified issues will be achieved before work and effort are put into implementing solutions. "

Initially the sub-committees of the Standards Consultative Committee (SCC) will support ASAP with the secretariat managed by CASA’s Stakeholder Engagement Group.

Currently, CASA has several panels providing feedback, including the SCC, Director’s Advisory Panel, Airspace and Aerodrome Consultative Forum (AACF) and Regional Aviation Safety Forum (RASF).

Meanwhile with the Senate RRAT committee responsible for parliamentary oversight of CASA, relations would appear to be have reached an all time low under the leadership of CC (Comardy Capers)... Confused
Examples of CC & his minions disrespecting the Senators and industry - Rd I:
Estimates & drone inquiry update

[Image: Gold-Sterlo-gold.jpg]


MTF? - Definitely I'd say...P2  Cool

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