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A little snippet that perhaps illustrates what happens when your
Aviation Act is changed to "Foster and Promote" rather than "Safety regardless of cost"

Compare the pair.

Australia's Part 61 which imposes cost upon cost and the US Part 61 which actively seeks to reduce costs, yet still achieves better safety outcomes than we do.

This article also illustrates what happens when their regulator actually listens to their industry and responds to their advice, rather than branding them as the ills of society and ignoring them.

Quote:New FAA rule cuts costs of training and proficiency


The FAA published a final rule June 27, 2018, that allows broader use of technology to reduce the cost of flight training and maintaining proficiency without compromising safety.

According to officials with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, these regulatory changes are expected to save the general aviation community more than $110 million in the next five years.

The FAA’s final rule includes many changes, particularly to Part 61, which were originally published in a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) in 2016.

“Making aviation less costly is fundamental to AOPA’s mission, which is why we pursued these changes that will save the general aviation community more than $100 million over the next five years alone and help to make pursuing and advancing a pilot’s certificate more accessible to everyone,” said AOPA President and CEO Mark Baker.

The Part 61 overhaul will take effect beginning July 27, 2018, with all changes implemented by Dec. 24, 2018.

The changes will reduce costs to pilots in large part by leveraging advances in avionics, aircraft equipment, flight simulators, and aviation training devices.

The new regulations recognize the effectiveness of modern technology and ease past restrictions on its use to further reduce the cost of flight training, as well as proficiency maintenance. They are also crafted to give the FAA more flexibility to approve the use of advanced technologies still to come, AOPA officials note.

The FAA estimates that pilots and operators will save up to $113.5 million over five years (in 2016 dollars), with the most significant savings to come from allowing instrument-rated pilots, who use advanced aviation training devices (ATDs) to satisfy flight experience requirements, to enjoy six months of currency rather than two. That part of the Part 61 overhaul takes effect Nov. 26.

The extended currency interval will also allow instrument-rated pilots to use any combination of aircraft and ATD to accomplish the flight experience required for currency. The FAA estimates that these changes to FAR 61.57© alone will save pilots $76.1 million over five years.

In April, the FAA discontinued the requirement that commercial pilot and flight instructor candidates conduct their single-engine airplane practical test in a complex airplane, and the final rule published June 27 takes that a step further.
As of Aug. 27, commercial pilot candidates can use “technically advanced airplanes” in lieu of, or in combination with, a complex or turbine-powered airplane to satisfy the 10 hours of required training in these airplanes. This is estimated to save trainees $2.8 million over five years.

AOPA Director of Regulatory Affairs Justin Barkowski led the association’s effort to analyze and respond to the NPRM that preceded the final rule.

The points successfully pushed by the association include pilots being allowed to use a combination of complex, turbine-powered, and technically advanced airplanes to satisfy the 10-hour commercial pilot training requirement, instead of having to choose one of the three. Also, sport pilot instructors will be allowed to receive the required flight training hours in an ATD to obtain the endorsement required to teach instrument skills.

Barkowski said he expects the final rule to prompt discussion of what, exactly, a technically advanced aircraft is, and noted that the FAA drafted the final rule to accommodate advances in technology.

“Generally speaking, aircraft equipped with an electronic primary flight display (PFD) and multifunction display (MFD), as well as a two-axis autopilot, would qualify as a TAA,” Barkowski said. “The language in the final rule gives the FAA discretion to approve other types of TAA in the future without further rulemaking, but we encourage everyone to check the definition to see if your aircraft qualifies first.”
actually he has no choice

Larry Pickering

Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, has returned to the fray over concern that the integrity of news dissemination is continually being threatened by a partisan media.

Wed 1 Aug 2018 10:53:12 am/714 COMMENTS

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When voters discovered that the objectionable little boy, Roy (who previously flummed the seat of Longman) had assisted Turnbull and the Stick Insect to knife Tony Abbott, they threw him out. They are not stupid. Therefore what should the message be for other suicidal Turnbull supporters?

                                              [Image: bb93a869619b51d8fa05c038da18558da50ac669.jpg]
Wyatt didn't do his homework

They too are due to be slaughtered at the next Federal election and their seats handed to Shorten without so much as a whimper!

                                                           [Image: bcb9a64db830481d14099eac02b007c8a0ca21e4.jpg]
Likely leader

Peter Dutton, currently in the marginal seat of Dickson, adjacent to Longman, now has a life or death decision to make at the next joint Party Room meeting. He needs to challenge Turnbull… his hat should be flung on the floor along with Abbott’s, Kelly’s and Jim Molan’s (yes, a senator can chuck his hat in the ring). So too can Barnaby Joyce, but he will only be trying to talk sense to Liberal boneheads as he needs the Nats to reinstate him over the useless Michael McCormack first.

Peter Dutton, a fair dinkum Conservative, would win that contest, Turnbull would resign and again attempt to join the Labor Party. Once again Labor would reject him as a self-centred invertebrate.

                                                           [Image: 13422b52a44904cd6b6dfa213c0cb5cc959a8d77.jpg]
Must go now

He will then be confined to speaking at Lions' Club dinners where he would be free to wallow in his own bullshit in exchange for a few unconvincing hand claps.

Immediately on top of the Coalition’s “to do” list would then be to walk away from Paris, no, run like hell away from it, as other more sensible nations are doing, and slash immigration to a sustainable level with an emphasis on merit-based non Muslims.

Dutton would then can Turnbull’s stupid Snowy 2.0 nonsense and revisit Abbott’s plan to open up the north before China does, damming rivers and redirecting the Stick Insect’s donations of millions to Indonesia’s farmers back to Australian farmers as grants rather than loans.

   [Image: 43b5bd06a3b03f3e2b941fd400971b958f882820.jpg]
Dutton would then set about doing the stacks of stuff that Abbott should have done.

To put the current political scene in context; voters detest Shorten, but Conservative voters detest Turnbull even more! The Liberal Party will die if it stays glued to the lunatic Left, just as Fairfax did.

So don’t argue with voters, just do it!

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