Shame or Fame for McCormack.
Just exactly who is this Graeme Crawford?

Other than a nasty piece of work?

P2 - See here TB: Janus – the two faced god. 

(07-27-2018, 09:58 AM)Peetwo Wrote: While the wingnut is away? - Deputy dog adds fuel to the conflagration... Confused  

It would appear the 2IC and Iron Ring's Scottish Git has seized the opportunity to come out firing in defense of the seemingly indefensible; i.e the fact that Fort Fumble over 30 years has been systematically destroying the Aussie aviation industry with their policy of 'Safe Skies are empty Skies'... Dodgy    

Quote:CASA acting chief Graeme Crawford hits back over reform claims
[Image: 8f7a08049b6c4a689437880eb7ba758a?width=650]
CASA chief Graeme Crawford said he could not fix the broader economic and social changes that have hit general aviation.

The Australian

12:00AM July 27, 2018
[Image: andrew_burrell.png]
WA Chief Reporter

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has defended its actions amid mounting criticism that overzealous regulation is killing Australia’s general ­aviation sector, rejecting claims it fails to consider the effect of costs on businesses when it sets the rules.

As The Australian revealed that Deputy Prime Minister ­Michael McCormack had halted a reform plan aimed at cutting costs, CASA acting chief executive Graeme Crawford told operators the regulator wanted solutions that were practical while also addressing safety risks.

Industry experts, including aviation veteran Dick Smith, have claimed that general aviation in Australia — which includes charter and private operations, flight training, maintenance and emergency medical services — is in crisis because of onerous and costly red tape.

But Mr Crawford said CASA could not fix the broader economic and social changes that have hit general aviation.

“Implicit in this debate is the suggestion by some people that CASA does not support a sustainable and viable general aviation sector,’’ he said in a briefing note.

“I would like to assure everyone this is simply not true. There is no CASA agenda against general aviation and we regard the sector as a vital component of the national aviation community.

“Many of CASA’s staff are participants in general aviation, or started their careers in the sector, and have a practical understanding of the issues and challenges the sector faces.”

The Australian reported yesterday that Mr McCormack had killed off a plan — endorsed by Barnaby Joyce in his final days in cabinet in February — to remove a key part of the Civil Aviation Act that requires CASA to ­“regard safety as the most important consideration”.

The changes, backed by opposition transport spokesman ­Anthony Albanese, instead would have required CASA to ­balance the “highest level of safety in air navigation” with the need for “an efficient and sustainable Australian aviation industry”.

Mr Smith, a former CASA chairman, said Mr Joyce was the only Coalition transport minister in the past 20 years to agree to ­reforms that would cut the regulatory burden on the industry without putting lives at risk.

He accused the others, including former deputy prime minister John Anderson, of being ­hostage to CASA and other ­bureaucrats who had introduced “gold-­plated” regulations with no consideration for the industry’s crippling costs.

Mr Anderson yesterday accused Mr Smith of ignoring his own failings.

“Mr Smith might reflect a little on the fact that both Labor and the Coalition gave him the chance to reform CASA as chairman,” he said. “Labor sacked him, and when I was minister he lost the confidence of his own board.

“I bent over backwards to try to deliver an efficient aviation sector. I have to say that Mr Smith made this harder, not easier.”

Mr Smith said Mr Anderson’s claim he was sacked by Labor was “completely wrong” because the then minister, Bob Collins, had asked him to stay on. “I was put on as the chairman of CASA by John Sharp with the idea of bringing in changes — then John Anderson became minister and wouldn’t support any changes.’’

Is it anyway wonder the miniscule/DPM eyes glaze over and appears to be the perfect portrait of a punch-drunk sheep... Huh

Perhaps if the DPM wants some free non-alphabet and relatively friendly advice; he should perhaps talk to one of the major and longterm contributors to the economy of his electorate REX airlines. I'm sure Sharpie will be able to give MM a true insight into the totally unnecessary fiscal damages being inflicted by CASA on the REX bottom line:

Quote:Ref: Mount Gambier, TREX and a man for all seasons - John Sharp?


Quote:[Image: 41119b9bfbb3e28aabab6b1be382e74f]

General aviation industry left stunned by political backflip
The Australian
Dick Smith with his helicopter at his home in Terry Hills, Sydney. Picture:

Ps Who in their right mind would leave a narcissistic sociopath of this caliber in charge of the Fort?

Hmm...wonder if he has got McComic's mobile number on speed dial? Certainly has many of the pugmarks of former DAS don't you think? How long will it be before this IR stooge starts swinging his dick and dragging up section 9A of the Act... Dodgy

Perhaps this is why the FF enforcement manual still contains McComic's moniker on the Director's preface -  Dodgy

Commentary addendum Wink 

First from Thursday's Oz article: 
Quote:Jim2 DAYS AGO

Time for a pilots general strike. Nothing serious or nationwide. Just no aeroplane leaves the ground with a politician in it, regardless of party or affiliation. If it was done during the last day of sitting week I would wager we would get a favourable result by lunchtime.

Maureen2 DAYS AGO

Another industry we are killing off - Australia the clever Country.

Gang Green2 DAYS AGO

Considering that CASA won't accept medical practice from Europe and the United States as valid regarding pilot health , why are we surprised ?


McCormack's statement is a cop-out. A useless Minister railroaded by a mostly-useless bureaucracy.


It would seem CASA runs a little fiefdom and runs over any minister who wishes to tidy it up. Probably threatens that any breach of safety will be called out as due to ministers cuts etc.

Good on Dick for speaking out about these problems. If not Dick who will do it?


Talk about fiddling while Rome burns, these bureaucrats in CASA will sit on their hands until our entire general aviation industry goes down the drain. Thank goodness Dick Smith is still out their pushing his case for affordable general aviation. Maybe it’s time for a clean out of the CASA board, this mob just don’t seem to get the fact, that time is fast running out for the general aviation industry in Australia, they have already brought it to its knees. How much longer are they going to twiddle their respective thumbs ???

Quote:P2 - In reply to Robert... Wink 

Robert2 DAYS AGO

Dick Smith is aghast at anything not in accord with his views. Why we haven’t turned over the entire aviation industry to this man is beyond me . Perhaps the relatively safe sky’s in this country has something to do with our reluctance to make this guy Air Chief Marshal.

graham2 DAYS AGO

Dick was for awhile, the head of whatever we were, DCA, DOA, etc etc, there was resistance, but he brought us into line with the US way of doing business, and the US put functionality and efficiency before bureaucratic inertia, mostly.

Barnaby, Tony, Craig Kelly rotting on the back benches are the problem many of us see, the reason Turnbull can't turn the wick up on LNP popularity. 


@Robert The CASA focus on safety is counter productive.  It has resulted in an old GA fleet and a pilot training industry on its knees.  Dick Smith is correct in his views.  I'm a GA pilot, own an aircraft and have a very good understanding of the financials of aero clubs.  If the rules don't change we will see more failures.

William2 DAYS AGO

Clearly you have no insight into the aviation industry. Awash with ridiculous legislative requirements which add not a dot to safety.


@Robert good to see the "tall poppy syndrome" is alive and well. Dick made it and although don't always agree with his view he at least contributes where most of us don't dare. Where's your contribution to eradicating our problems.


Who would you put money on, Dick Smith or slow tortoise McCormack? Noone in this industry is backing the bureaucrats and their glove puppet MM.


CASA regulation has crippled General Aviation for decades.  Most pilots learn how to fly in technology from the 1960's.  Just imagine if you were still driving a car from the 1960.s.  CASA regulations make it so expensive to innovate that pilots are still flying FJ Holdens.

& from Sandy... Wink  

Alexander2 DAYS AGO

Flying for 52 yrs, in General Aviation (GA) with own aircraft and airport, as instructor, charter and scheduled services I’ve watched, with dismay, the ‘death by a thousand regulator cuts’ of what could have been a great Aussie industry. Safety has suffered, after the $billions of bureaucratic waste and mismanagement the industry and taxpayer should have seen definite improvements. In 30 years No.
Thousands have lost work by the closure of hundreds of flying schools and maintenance businesses, especially in the bush. Well done Nats! Irresponsible idiocy.

It’s not just GA either, every time you buy an airline ticket you pay a premium for the incompetence of CASA, ie Government, while the bloated numbers of CASA bureaucrats sit high on their wallets. More than 800 of them with great super, comfy offices, RDOs and plenty of O/S seminars or QLD junkets when it’s freezing in Can’tberra. The CEO paid $600,000, a lot more than the Minister, no wonder he’s subservient.

Extraordinarily if we go back to square one, would Australians still fly their light aircraft if CASA did not exist? Yes, with care and responsibility. Oddly the largely self regulating low weight category does just this quite well, and is about to get a weight increase thus putting paid to the notion that CASA is the be all and end all of flight.
The do nothing Minister is too frightened to take the slightest responsibility for the most sensible, modest and small amendment to the Civil Aviation Act. Bring Back Barnaby.


Well , it sounds like it’s time for Aviation as a whole to boycott all air travel by politicians and senior bureaucrats. It’s well past time that politicians and parliament started taking notice of the perilous state that CASA has placed the industry. After more than thirty years plus, they just don’t take any notice and just don’t seem to care.


I bought an aviation business ... I know ... But because I bought the business, not the company, CASA ruled that the Air Operators Certificate could not be transferred with the operations, staff, the aircraft, the procedures, etc. The AOC is attached to the old company shell and could have been bought by anyone else brave enough to buy a closet which may or may not be full of skeletons. It will take 6 months minimum to have a new application for an AOC approved. GA and airwork gets it in the neck time after time.


Most airports were built and paid for by the taxpayer and then handed over to the private sector or local authorities. 'Landing fees' are just another administrative belligerence none of us need. A whole regime of other fees have since surfaced too which used to be free in the past. Australia has unlimited potential to become the world's best training ground, but no, instead we are regulated out of the skies. Like many others, I walked away from GA years ago. 

Quote:P2 in reply to Suzanne:

Suzanne2 DAYS AGO

Before resorting to following the ‘Pied Piper’, Dick Smith, in everything he says, it would pay to do a little bit of homework. ‘With their local council recently quadrupling their rent, soaring landing fees....’. There’s a hint there about where their true costs are coming from, neither of which have anything to do with CASA. It is also easy to blame the regulations for increasing costs and draw a parallel between this and the decline in the pilot training sector, but this ignores the fact that this is not an issue unique to Australia, this is a global phenomena. Increasing demand for pilots and a decline in those wanting to become pilots is also part of the problem. Is that also CASA’s fault? It may be convenient to sit back and blame CASA for the woes of the industry but the truth is that the industry has changed. This is not the industry of the 60’s, 70’s or even the 80’s. Is changing some wording in the Act really going to make a difference? And if so, how? Are you then at risk of placing CASA in a compromising position with its key role in regulating for aviation safety?


@Suzanne I read it differently. The industry has pressures from many fronts, one of which is CASA over regulating, so let's at least get that fixed.

Sleepy Lizard2 DAYS AGO

Ok fair point , so you want hard facts , here’s a start.

CASA has held up the release of the Part 135 (air taxi) rules for over twenty years.

It was directed to do this by the government in 1999.

Why ? because a certain regional airline put pressure on successive CASA directors and the ministers responsible , in order to protect regional airlines from the perceived threat of small charter companies.

As a result charter operators are not allowed to sell flights per seat.

That’s unfair market manipulation and it was all done under the guise of safety.

Australia has a long and sad history of the big guy crushing the up and coming by using the regulator as its patsy.

It has happened since the beginning of aviation but got worse once the CAA became CASA.

It’s happening again right now in the drone industry.
It’s happening right now in the aviation training sector.

Patrick2 DAYS AGO

@Suzanne  The same "compromising safety" position that our trading partners are in such as Canada, NZ and the US who operate with far less regulation than CASA.

This is also a trading issue. How can GA in Australia compete with our trade competitors who don't have operate with one hand tied behind their back.

Pilot training is a growth industry in countries that don't have McCormack and CASA to hold them back.

Level the playing field.

Sleepy Lizard2 DAYS AGO

I’m renewing my CPL (Commercial Pilots License ), so I had to renew my ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card) that allows me to walk on the tarmac near the plane, $240 thank you.

Pilots medical. $600 thanks very much.

That plus the maps and AIP subscriptions and I’m over $1000 before getting into an aircraft.

A young guy I was talking to said the full University course to be a pilot costs you $140,000 to $180,000.

Just so you you can get a job that doesnt even pay minimum wage. (Flight instructor/ charter pilot)

I wonder why there is a pilot shortage?

Gilbert2 DAYS AGO

Michael McCormack seems to be the Invisible Man? A perfect deputy that says and does nothing apparently and has been flannelled by the CASA mandarins!

Alexandra2 DAYS AGO

What a tragedy for Australia

- we have one of the largest land masses of any country in the world, among the most dispersed populations. The small planes sector connects people, generate and service business. (Over)Regulate drives the costs up and up - and the negative ripple effect is easy to see. Kills off a transport sector

- we used to have a reputation for the most skilled pilots in the world, a reputation born out of young people getting into planes, learning to fly and being able to clock up significant hours. Price that out of reach

- and fewer people will learn to fly, or spend the hours to become very skilled - ripple effect again

- at the commercial end of the spectrum - who wants to see overseas pilots sitting at the front of the Qantas, Virgin, jetstar Tiger fights? Give me a skilled Aussie any day. 

Wake up Liberal Nationals. 

What do you stand for??


Incredibly poor decision by the Minister.  Anybody with even a modicum of involvement in general aviation in this country is well aware that the industry is being destroyed by CASA.  Many small operators, long term operators, flying schools and very experienced pilots are dropping out of the industry.  The attitude of CASA is not only overbearing but often vindictive.  Many in CASA are bureaucrats with no experience of aviation.  A significant number of mid level personnel are relatively recent migrants, particularly subcontinental and are nigh on impossible for industry to deal with.  Australia used to have a large number of pilots that were highly sought after by international airlines.  I have recently been advised by Australians working for international airlines that this source has now dried up and that Australia is now having to import pilots for our airlines.  A senior Australian Captain flying for a major SE Asian airline recently told me that the skill level of Australian pilots, generally because of their extensive light aircraft experience, had been outstanding.  It is of concern that on account of mindless bureaucracy, we will no longer have these guys and girls up the pointy end of our local aircraft.

Quote:P2 - In reply to Shane:


Yup. The aviation industry exists solely for the aggrandizement of Dick.

Lucky the yokel idiot Joyce’s hands were removed from the levers.

Patrick2 DAYS AGO

@Shane  You love expensive over regulation do you? You need to compare regulations in Australia to those in Canada, NZ, USA. Australia is over regulated by "yokel idiots"


@Shane You obviously don't know anything about general aviation - or Dick Smith. Without sensible amendments, there won't be any general aviation in Australia...yet another industry moved overseas due to lack of vision.


@Shane So you apparently would be comfortable having fast-track Chinese or SE Asian trained pilots up front - like the pilot who headed the wrong way out of Sydney, or the one who dialed in the wrong runway in Perth, or the guy who told everybody to pray when an engine failed!  CASA blatantly allows these people to fly into and out of the country while methodically screwing the local industry.  For me, if I was in an A380 when its engine blew up leaving Singapore, I'll take a highly experienced Aussie up front.

Raymond2 DAYS AGO

@Shane You children and grandchildren will pay an expensive price for the kind of attitude you have expressed. Dick Smith and Barnaby Joyce are loyal Australians who are trying to do what is best for Australia's future.
Also in reply to the editor was this from Rudders... Wink
Quote:To: editor <>

Dick Smith has been a tireless advocate over decades to get some
practical sense into the Aviation Bureaucracy, so that General
Aviation may prosper.

Alas, the entrenched mandarins in CASA have their own agenda even to
the point of trashing GOVERNMENT POLICY.

In 1997 the MInister and the Board adopted the new (FAA based)
Classifications of Operations Policy.  It was the 17 of April, not the
first, so it wasn't an  April Fools Day joke..

This would have given more freedoms and allowed for the more business
minded to seek those opportunities in the lighter end of Aviation.

And herein lies the problem.  CASA is a free floating Agency without
recourse or oversight.
No Minister has had the courage to pull it into line.

Those in CASA do what they do without hindrance and the
Australian Nation is very much the poorer for it, to tune of billions of
dollars in lost opportunities

And billions of dollars wasted on an avalanche of regulations , much
of which have nothing to do with "safety".

Thats why you see many country airfields these days with only a few
parked up aircraft and a fuel bowser with cobwebs.
And this is in the wide brown land where rapid transport is vital.

America , a continent the size of Australia has the most vibrant GA
industry in the world.
No reason why we should not be the same.

But we aren't ,...because of a rampant unaccountable bureaucracy.,
that has buried  the GA industry with ever  increasing paperwork and
outrageous costs.

The "Jobs and growth" mantra is pretty sick for GA, except for those
within the bureaucracy.

Sadly,since 2 decades ago it has been all down hill as the figures
quoted in your Editorial  show.

As an 'aviator for over 60 years I am saddened and disgusted that this
has been allowed  to occur through gross political neglect.

Within CASA there is corruption, cronyism and
criminality ( and I can prove it, as can  many others)

Under the guise of " Safety" anything can be done, and is, and CASA
has no over-sighting body to correct its deficiencies and poor

While regulatory change is sorely needed, how to change the culture of
those within CASA?

Until there is a serious JUDICIAL INQUIRY into the bureaucratic
shenanigans by CASA, where those in the GA industry have suffered and
their horror stories can be put out in the public domain NOTHING will

CASA's Motto is , for ultimate 'safety' (which is an impossibility) is
"Safe Skies are Empty Skies"

And in Mike Borgelt reply to yesterday's Oz Flying article:

Quote:Crawford defends CASA Position on GA
[url=]27 Jul 2018
Acting Director of Aviation Safety defends CASA's position on general aviation. Read more

Mike Borgelt  16 hours ago
Well that's it then. The aim is to destroy general aviation. When a government official denies something you can bet it is true. When the official and his deputy both say it, you can take it to the bank.

Finally once again from Sandy with the last word on the LMH... Wink 

Quote:Sandy Reith  15 hours ago

Well done Hitch, right on the money. The whole of GA industry is on the skids, nothing but Government action can save what’s left of our once busy sector. Jobs and growth? Stop laughing, its too sad. 

As for Mr. Crawford’s total denial of any culpability I’m afraid this says to expect no understanding or relief from the regulator because it has no idea of the horrific mess that, single handedly, it has created. Malice aforethought wouldn’t be an unreasonable conclusion in many quarters, probably not correct but you have to ask why?

August the current deadline for full transition to the impossible Part 61. Watch the (few) remaining flying schools struggle or just give up. 

Free country? What happened to that? Only Parliament can stop the rot, ring, email or collar your local MP and state Senators if you want to help.

MTF...P2  Tongue

Ps For more commentary on the Dick Smith Oz article please refer to AOPA Oz Facebook post:
Mr Anderson.....

The silver haired ex Nationals deadwood;

“Mr Anderson yesterday accused Mr Smith of ignoring his own failings. Mr Smith might reflect a little on the fact that both Labor and the Coalition gave him the chance to reform CASA as chairman,” he said. “Labor sacked him, and when I was minister he lost the confidence of his own board”

What a spiteful, little ignorant douchebag. A politician through and through, deflecting his own short comings onto others. Someone needs to remind you Mr Anderson that during your tenure as Deputy Prime Trough Dweller the regulatory reform program was taking place, and it was never completed due to the failings of weak gutless Ministers who are deprived of testicles and the acumen to get the job done.

Dear John, don’t cast stones old mate. You fool.

The Aviation Matrix; In this scene Agent Dick Smith confronts the evil Mr Anderson over and over in an effort to make aviation changes happen;

Baa, baa Wagga sheep, have you any brains-

Yes Sir, yes Sir, three thimbles full;

Two for re-election, half for my claims:

And a half one for aviation- a’goin down the drain.

A pub poem - for them as likes children’s verse. Tonight, in the stable workshop, the campaign to unseat McDoNowt begins. We just cannot afford or tolerate another half assed journalist trying to pretend we don’t exist, contribute; or, get him safely from A – B, despite CASA ruling the aviation world and him hiding his ignorance and indifference behind the words of the lowest form of human life.

TILT – game over – end of. It's official now, I'm cranky.
COTW - Dave off the Yaffa... Wink

In reply to Oz Flying's...

Crawford defends CASA Position on GA

Acting Director of Aviation Safety defends CASA's position on general aviation.

Read more
27 Jul 2018

Dave open's up -  Wink

Quote:Dave  a day ago
So let’s, just for a moment, take Graeme’s statement at face value and agree he believes he is telling the truth.

Not once does he mention cost. Under the WHS 2011 Act, which should govern these things, and be the reason we have “safety regulations” the very last step is to look at the cost of implementing, in this case, regulations. This is the final test of reasonableness of a regulation.

Even above he makes no mention that the cost of any regulation is made. Therefore in my mind, he shoots his own argument in the foot. CASA may not have it as a goal to murder GA in this country, but through their own, as stated position on how they regulate in his release above, they achieve the killing of GA because they do not understand or take into account what is reasonable.

Further he states those outside of aviation must have trust in GA. Once again he shows zero understanding that the problem is not with those outside of GA, it is those inside GA.

And then the arrogance to hold up the Basic Class 2 med, in its current form, which is just as onerous, and more so in some areas (such as hearing) than a standard class 2 med, seals his own coffin shut on his understanding of GA.

Graeme, you should hang your head in shame for your comments, as you clearly have zero understanding of GA and what a good and decent regulator that finds a reasonable balance between cost and safety should achieve.

CASA’s regulation of GA on the world stage in an anomaly, and in short it should be completely shut down and a new regulator, with new regs - based on US FAR’s - and more importantly with new people, should be stood up. It is time for a clean sweep. The people have had enough of your complete and utter lack of understanding of GA and you insistence that you are doing it right. The evidence is 100% clear, CASA is a failure.

Take's my nomination for 'comment of the week' -  Big Grin

MTF...P2  Tongue
Point of difference: A captured Minister vs a Minister in charge?

Quote:[Image: Truss.jpg]

Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review [Archive] - Page 5 - PPRuNe ...

PPRuNe Forums
Truss: Aviation Safety Regulation Review [Archive] - Page 5 - PPRuNe Forums

The following is a short but telling example of why IMO I believe our Minister of the Crown (like Truss in 2014 - above) is nothing more than a Muppet whose strings are being manipulated by the aviation safety bureaucracy.

As we all know the RRAT Senate Committee in Estimates oversights two Federal Crown Departments - Infrastructure and Regional Development; & Agriculture and Water Resources.    This provides a perfect point of comparison in the running of two very important departments.

So for the purpose of the exercise lets take a look at the individual departmental pages for last Budget Estimates off the RRAT committee web pages:


Quote:Questions on Notice Index

 Download the index (PDF 957KB)


Quote:Questions on Notice Index

 Download the index (PDF 957KB)
Granted there is not much difference in the pages and the linked QON index are similar in size with the Agriculture dept having 206 QON vs Infrastructure having 235 QON.

However this is where the similarities diverge... Dodgy

If you click on this link - HERE - you will see that the RRAT Estimates main page comes up. 

Now scroll down to the ' current questions on notice' list. Hit the 'show' box to 'ALL' and you'll see without exception Minister Littleproud's Agriculture dept has answered all 206 QON. 

Now keep scrolling down to miniscule 4G (Norman the Ram) McDonothing's dept and you will see without exception that all 235 QON are overdue and yet to be answered... Angry 

No comment required me'thinks, except to say BAA!  Big Grin

MTF...P2  Tongue 

Footnote: P7 twiddle -   
Quote:[Image: 300?cb=20131129143959]

Baa, baa Wagga sheep, have you any brains-

Yes Sir, yes Sir, three thimbles full;

Two for re-election, half for my claims:

And a half one for aviation- a’goin down the drain.

[Image: f9db9348a5f01f335b05f80107ba1022-e1533084739642.jpg]

“the ' current questions on notice' list. Hit the 'show' box to 'ALL' and you'll see without exception Minister Littleproud's Agriculture dept has answered all 206 QON. Now keep scrolling down to miniscule 4G (Norman the Ram) McDonothing's dept and you will see without exception that all 235 QON are overdue and yet to be answered...”

Nice catch mate! Mr Littleproud is known to be a diligent hard working Minister whose Department wouldn’t dare take the piss out of him and make him look like a flaccid penis. On the other hand, McDo’nothing works about as hard as two turtles fu#king. He makes Council road workers look like olypmpic athletes! Predecessor Truss (before the Barn Owl) also moved about as fast as a boiled lollie. Both are/were inept and unable to manage the shonks, sharks, academics, imbeciles and piss-takers heading the alphabet soup agencies beneath them. McDo’nothing is as intelligent as Ozzy Osbourne on crack cocaine.

You know, us aviation folk are goverened by risk management practises and we all have our own individual risk matrix, often containing a top 10 or 20 risks to our business that we consider on a regular basis. I believe number 1 on that list should read; ‘Deputy Prime Ministers department’. The inactivity, lack of accountability, ineffective oversight and decline in aviation standards and safety can be directly traced back to his department. But shhhhh, don’t tell Graeme Clawfoot that. Hoody has taught him well when it comes to ‘correcting the record’.

Oh well, Wingnut should be back from Singapore soon after his ear reduction surgery and who knows, maybe they also sewed a pair of testicles onto his ‘vacant area’? Here’s to dreaming....

“Tick Tock Graeme and friends”
Good catch P2; nice one...........

Donowt Nats - “The CASA is a statutory body and, as minister, I cannot direct it on safety regulations”.

Call BOLLOCKS and ‘cop out’ and bullshit and disingenuous: part 9 and 9A of the Act are “stand alone” instructions – from the government – to CASA. Change the wording you daft mutt; give ‘em ‘new’ instructions and tell to stop being so bloody useless and expensive.

Gods – give me strength. The amount of time and energy this Klutz is wasting ducking and weaving is shameful – the paperwork could be done by now. Betcha a beer Balmy would have had it sorted; just like Littleproud has. The same worthy also manages to get his QoN answered on time. I guess he owns his department – not owned by it.

Resign DoNowt – it will be the only ‘genuine’, helpful thing for Australia you’ve ever done. Do it now, before it’s too late and an industry is destroyed.

“No – no thanks Son, I won’t have one; best not the mood I’m in, probably end up throwing rocks at the traffic.
TICK..TOCK goes the 4G aviation clock -  Confused

First a pint of LMH OP... Wink 

Quote:Ref: LMH 03/08/18

Quote:Since when is flying under the oversight of an incorrect solution safe?

There have been a couple of instances this week where interpretation has misled people to make some erroneous statements with a great deal of honesty. Please forgive me if I don't go into them; I'll probably just make the same mistakes. But for me it has put intense focus on the problem of complexity in Australia's aviation rules and the language we use to write them. CASA, the government and the Labor Party are sticking to their guns that the primary focus of aviation regulation must be safety, so how the hell they allow regulations to be written the way they are is simply bewildering. It is not in any way safe for regulations to be open to interpretation in such a way that they are regularly misinterpreted! There is an old saying in the technical writing industry: if there are two ways to intrepret what you wrote, someone will interpret it the way you didn't mean. David Forsyth touched on this in the ASRR report handed down in 2014, recommending we start talking in plain English, and it needs to happen very soon. I am pleased to see that CASA has said the Manual of Standards for the new GA maintenance regs will be done in plain English; this is a good start in what is a very long road. However, there is still the problem of complexity, which was highlighted at the recent GA summit at Wagga Wagga when hard copies of all the Australian regs were laid out on a table. There were five four-ring binders, two two-ring binders and ERSA. By comparison, the US regs were sat along side them: two books. I'm going to again quote my favourite philosophy because I think it's very pertinent here. Ockham's Razor says "All thing being equal, the simplest answer tends to be the correct one." It therefore follows that the most complex answer tends to be the incorrect one. Since when is flying under the oversight of an incorrect solution safe?
Next a chaser of Sharpie OP rum... Rolleyes
Quote:Ref: Mount Gambier Hansard now out

Mr Sharp : ...CASA generally frightens everybody in the industry on a daily basis! Yes, there have been a lot of problems. One of the issues that you may be aware of is indemnity for flying instructors because, when they certify a pilot, they technically carry a liability attached to that pilot that they certified for the rest of that pilot's working life. To cover that risk, that liability, you need some form of either indemnity or insurance. Even if you retire from flying instruction, you still carry the liability, so it's very difficult for people. If you no longer earn an income from flying instructing but carry a liability, how do you cover the cost of the insurance for that? It's very difficult...

... It could be. But it is an issue that the government is cognisant of, and I think the minister made a statement at a meeting in Wagga just recently, with GA operators, announcing some indemnity there for instructors. So that's a help. But these are the things that occur. The government should be helping, and yet, by removing the indemnities and making instructors personally liable for any damage, all that does is make being an instructor a very unattractive business...

And finally a snifter of Sterlo's Chairman port... Wink 

Quote:CHAIR: ..There's CASA. Don't start us on CASA!But, anyway, there's CASA. Surely, political leadership should say something along the lines of: 'Get your act together or bang your heads together and I'll do it.'...
MTF...P2  Cool

Unfortunately I switched the TV on this morning and it landed on Ch 7. Firstly I get to see some completely nauseating things such as David Kock rambling as usual like a complete moron. This was followed by one of the Banking sectors chief bullshit artists and chief Footstools for Malcom’s banks, Craig James from CommSec (Michael ‘full of shit’ Pascoe on Ch 9 is the other footstool of the Banksters). Then we have Turdball and McDo’nothing travelling to drought affected communities pretending to give a shit. We’ve seen the Governments contempt for the aviation industry, returned war heroes and pensioners, not to mention them giving away billions to foreign countries in aid while our country is fed a shit sandwich. And now they disingenuously pop out West for a few hours to pretend that help is coming! Ha. A pathetic gift of $12,500 for those in desperate need. What a crock of shit. A farm will churn through that in one week.

I hope the two Parliamentarians didn’t get sunburnt or ingest a fly while spending a big 2 hours in the heartland of Australia. I simply can’t imagine how hard it must have been for these two arseclowns to leave the air conditioned comfort of Parlousment House and all the fine restaurants in Canberra. Poor diddums.

Maybe you can help assuage my curiosity GD.

Heard a strange call sign on the airways the other day
coming into Sydney.
"WISDOM 123", never heard it before, asked my fellow pilot,
he didn't know. Just pulled up at the terminal and a Guv-mint
BBJ rolled in behind us.
"Surely not" my fellow pilot asked. "What?" says I.
"If that government aircraft carries the callsign "WISDOM 123'
its a complete contradiction of terms" says he.

“Maybe you can help assuage my curiosity GD”

Thorny, you need to get your ears checked mate. I’m booking you an appointment right now to see Dr PonyPoohshan Navathe. You didn’t hear ‘WISDOM 123’, you heard ‘WANKER 123’. Same aircraft often uses the call sign “TROUGH DWELLER 123’ and ‘FU@KTARD 123’.

Best regards

"K" -
"WISDOM 123",

1 for the master
2 for the Dame
And three for the little boy, a running down the lane.
Lots of fun to had there GD &TB; Choc frog in it…..

From the link below;

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is seeking industry input on a new set of maintenance regulations for the general aviation sector.
The nation’s aviation safety watchdog said the new regulations being developed aimed to “minimise the regulatory burden on general aviation, keep compliance costs as low as possible and be based on the best practices of other leading aviation nations”.
“CASA is currently working to develop a new set of maintenance regulations tailored specifically for general aviation (GA), that will be based on the example of best practices in other leading aviation nations,” CASA said on its website.

HA HA HA HA CAsA = Helping GA = Best practise = Pony Pooh.

[Image: f9db9348a5f01f335b05f80107ba1022-e1533084739642.jpg]

4G leaves it to the experts (CASA) on airport safety - TICK..TOCK!  Dodgy 

References: Airport thread post #370 

Quote:Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) 

11. CASA is Australia’s safety regulator for civil air operations and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas. CASA is responsible for the implementation of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPS). ICAO has not developed SARPS regarding PSZs.

12. CASA have a role in the regulation of ICAO mandated Runway End Safety Areas (RESA). RESAs are sometimes confused with PSZs. A RESA is a cleared ground area extending from the end of the runway strip for the purpose of decelerating an aircraft if it overruns the runway. - The RESA? What about the OLS & Mr Peabody's RSW? - ref: Oversight or lack there of - Part IV - UDB!

&.. from the Senate thread: KISS, (Liverpool type) it's the only way.

Quote:Then this:-

In March 2018 the Transport and Infrastructure Senior Officials' Committee (TISOC) agreed to the National Airports Safeguarding Advisory Group (NASAG) publicly consulting on the draft new National Airport Safeguarding Framework (NASF) GuidelineManaging the Risk in Public Safety Zones at the Ends of Runways.

FDS – The buildings at Essendon, those that were slammed into by a 5.7 ton aircraft, carrying a ton of fuel – (remember the fire ball) infringed the  SIDE of the runway ‘safety zones’. Not the approach and departure safety zones. You must not confuse the two. The Senators asking questions are being merrily led down a very smooth path to deception. 

I’ll make it crystal clear – through manipulation and sleight of legal hand, there are building which impinge on the ‘SIDE OF RUNWAY’ safety zones. The places where shopping outlets and passenger terminal buildings are located. There are minimum runway WIDTH parameters specified - for bloody good reasons – Essendon providing the quintessential example of why. What’s next FDS – coffee and fast food outlets along the taxi-ways?.

As a 'passing strange' coincidence I noted that on Thursday the miniscule was rubbing shoulders with Albo at some transport forum talkfest:

Quote:Speaking at the @UITPnews Australian Transport Summit in Melbourne this morning alongside @AlboMP. #auspol

Australians want their roads fixed and maintained and this is what we’re focused on. #auspol @UITPnews

[Image: DkHsJIoU4AA5cVK.jpg]
P2 - Grinning like a Suffolk Wether - God save our souls... Undecided

Well apparently after attending this bi-partisan (love-in) talkfest 4G needed to kill a bit of time and subsequently dropped into Essendon Fields; or maybe that was where the Govt BBJ was parked -  Huh :

Quote:Great to visit @EssendonFields airport this afternoon with CEO Chris Cowan. #aviation

[Image: DkIb4VkU8AEnTwU.jpg]

[Image: DkIb4VkVAAEIMZa.jpg]

"..And this is a parked aircraft - something that you'll get used to seeing at airports around the country.." P2  Rolleyes

The miniscule even got to talk to Sharpie (no not that Sharpie -  Wink )

Quote:.@EssendonFields has played a significant role in Melbourne’s economic growth.

It was the citiy’s international and domestic airport until 1970. It is now home to a range of charter flights and services and is well positioned to cater for more growth.

[Image: DkIeTYHV4AAA3Z8.jpg]

Hmm...wonder if they were discussing the Dept's proposed PSZ guidelines, or perhaps the Essendon Field's CEO wanted to discuss the idea of having a Macca's fly thru off the main runway... Big Grin 

Anyway I'm sure in the fullness of time 4G's media adviser will put out a presser which will explain the purpose of the miniscule's doorstop visit?? Rolleyes   

MTF...P2  Tongue

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