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ASA waives charges for NFP aeromed operators -  Rolleyes

Via the Oz:

Quote:$2m gift for angels of air

[Image: 4d397e751bf88c95a776125313822a4a]ANNABEL HEPWORTH
Australia’s air traffic controller will waive more than $2m in yearly service fees for a group of aeromedical operators.

Airservices Australia delivers $2m saving for aeromedical operators

Australia’s air traffic controller will waive more than $2 million in yearly service fees for a group of aeromedical operators in a move the Royal Flying Doctor Service says will allow donor money to “stretch even further”.

Airservices Australia will announce that the fees will not be charged for the five not-for-profit operators.

Infrastructure and Transport Minister Michael McCormack said the operators work was crucial to people who were based in rural and remote areas and said accessing their services “can mean the difference between life and death for people in remote parts of the country”.

“Aeromedical service providers operate across vast distances, harsh landscapes and in far from ideal conditions,” Mr McCormack said.

RFDS chief executive Martin Laverty said a $2m saving could fund 235 extra RFDS flights or fund 15 extra RFDS nurses.

“Donors work hard to raise money for our healthcare charity,” Mr Laverty said.

He said the plan was “great news for country people in the 90th year of the RFDS’’. The RFDS fleet includes the Hawker 800XP, the Pilatus PC-12, the King Air B350C and B200 C, and the Cessna C208. New Pilatus PC-24 jets will arrive this year for Western Australia.

Other organisations that would have the fees waived were Angel Flight, CareFlight, LifeFlight and Little Wings, which helps children with serious illnesses travel to their medical appointments.

Little Wings managing director Richelle Koller said the waiver would bring important savings for the charity.

“Obviously that means more flights for more kids making their way to the children’s hospitals,” Ms Koller said.

The NSW-based charity service recently gained a twin-engine Baron and is selling its single-engine Piper Malibu so that it can upgrade to a second twin-engine Baron. The service is based at Bankstown Airport and takes youngsters to the children’s hospitals at Westmead and Randwick, and to the John Hunter Children’s Hospital in Newcastle.

She said that with more than 55,000 registered charities in Australia, there were a lot of organisations doing “great work”, though that also meant it was “quite challenging” to raise funds.

The organisation relies on volunteer pilots and drivers. Airservices chief executive Jason Harfield said the organisation wanted to encourage an environment in which the aviation industry “thrives”.

“It’s why we place a critical importance on not being an economic or operational impediment to industry growth,” he said.

“Given these aeromedical operators rely on donations from ­individuals, organisations and businesses to sustain their operations, we are pleased to offer this support.”

Mr Harfield said the organisation’s “modernised” operating model had helped enable the ­announcement.

Harfwit: "...It’s why we place a critical importance on not being an economic or operational impediment to industry growth..."

Typical Harfwit trying to grab kudos for something that should have been automatically happening anyway -  Dodgy

MTF...P2  Cool

Firstly, any savings that can be gifted to our volunteer flight services is welcome news.

However, and here comes my criticism - HARFWIT and Miniscule McNo’testicles cashing in on Government philanthropy is a naseating and disgraceful sham. There are literally millions of dollars in waived landing fees c/o generous airports (of all sizes), Council donations, business donations, individual donations and airline and aviation engineering organisations who also generously contribute to the aeromedical industry.

The irony is that had the shit aviation regulatory suite and the Act been overhauled 30 years ago the aeromedical group would, on a combined basis, be millions and millions of dollars per year better off!!! How funny is that!
'The irony is that had the shit aviation regulatory suite and the Act been overhauled 30 years ago the aeromedical group would, on a combined basis, be millions and millions of dollars per year better off!!! How funny is that!

How true Gobbles, waiving Air Nav charges for charities, on the surface, has got to be a good thing. One has to remember though that these organisations already receive significant relief by way of taxation exemptions, and government financial donations. They operate as commercial enterprises, in that they bid for commercial contracts
with a huge cost advantage over their for profit competitors.

True reform of the regulations is the only way to level the playing field somewhat. I have to wonder why it is so hard to grasp that concept. If Safety is the imperative, would commercial operators relieved from the burden of red tape not have funds available for training, upgrades, fleet modernisation etc. things that actually contribute to safety.
Why is it so difficult for Australia to grasp the notion that other countries achieve better safety outcomes with regulations that substantially reduce the cost burden on their industries.
If New Zealand could do it, why is it impossible, as some would have it, that Australia cannot?
What is the point of Australian regulations if they actually prevent what they are attempting to regulate?
From energy policy to aviation policy Australia just seems to continually shoot itself in the foot.

You better start preparing that future compensation fund Electric Blue, the PFOS clock is ticking louder. PFAS levels up to 20 times higher in aviation firefighters, documents reveal. Article from Our GayBC below;

Again, no wonder the Teflon coated softcock Sir Anus Houstoblame bolted from the Board of ASA. The PFOS foam clouds are gathering.......


An update from the OOL fiasco. From the article;
“PFAS chemical contamination risk at Gold Coast Airport not explained, workers claim”.

- How long until ASA including its Board and CEO Harfwit actually accept accountability?

- How long until the Miniscule and Government accept accountability? Indeed, how long Miniscule McCormack?

Link below;

Indeed, the soft imbecile Sir Anus always knows when to bail. The slippery poke slider bailed from Defence after endless internal problems. The Teflon coating worked well. Now he has bailed from ASA just as Nonesky and PFAS issues start ramping up. Again, the weak muppet takes a golden handshake and a knighthood into the ether under the cloak of darkness!

TICK TOCK ELECTRIC BLUE and Deputy Slime Minister

Funny, the Yanks seem to be concerned about their toxic PFAS water;

Welcome to Australia, where the Government gives away billions in aid to other countries each year but then covers up issues that are potentially killing its own people. FFS.

The current Government in Australia needs to be removed. The system needs to be torn down....

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