Part 61 - For Dummies.
"For the sake of regional harmonisation why isn't the now 23+yr firmly imbedded and regionally adopted CAANZ Part 61 - see HERE - an acceptable rule set for the Australian aviation industry... Huh"

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"Closure"report, reminds one of that condition sort by the recently bereaved. How appropriate for Aussie GA.

The one outstanding feature of the report is talk about outcome based regulation. Obviously we don't speak the same language because any objective view of our current super prescriptive strict liability criminal aviation law could not plausibly call it "outcome based regulation". Unless of course the desired outcome (unspecified) is the continued decline of GA in Australia.

The question must be put to Parliament how can it be that after 29 years and hundreds of millions of dollars the rewrite of the "regulations" is still not finished and GA is in steep decline?

The government corporate body style of governance (much vaunted independent umpire), ostensibly for efficiency and reduce costs to the public purse has failed. How is it that the CEOs of these bodies are paid more than their Ministers? Is it because Ministers have less responsibility? AusPost boss gets ten times more than the PM. Presumably Carmody is being paid well above Chester.

The system is truly broke and if it were possible to calculate the lost opportunity costs they would be way in excess of the monster direct costs of running our aviation regulators.
61 – Used for designed purposes.

Just a note, to those who rely on ‘their’ reading of Part 61 to keep their operation running. Read the Falcon Air story closely;or, better still, have a ‘chat’ with the operator. You have the right to remain hopeful – but Part 61 can and will be used against you – should the need arise. Be careful, be very, very careful; 61 is a legal minefield, laid under the trees which all have a cunningly concealed noose, waiting to trap the unwary.

There is a tested defense - HERE - still a valid precedent. No value in the AAT but in other 'courts' it would have gotten Falcon airborne and clear. Would have taken a little longer - but it would be very effective.

Just saying. That’s all.

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