Shame or Fame for McCormack.

So, a friend told me today how each financial year when airport fees and charges are decided and Qantas agree to those prices, they demand to be given 90 days notice of the changes. Which means for at least 3 months of the new financial year they only pay the old price, not the new one. It’s not written into any contracts or anything like that, it’s just a demand they make. They trot out bullshit such as ‘we have to apply the extra cost to airfares and the computers and reservations system needs to have updated software’ blah blah blah and other crap excuses like that. Yet miraculously when for example, VA stopped operating to Moranbah Qantas jacked up the fares by around 40% in one week!!! Amazing that.

So where is the ACCC focus and interest in scams such as that? The airlines are gouging the bush so they can earn hundreds of millions per year. It’s bullshit.

Rod’less Sims and Elaine Joyce both live in cloud cuckoo land. Fu#kwits

Tick ‘cuckoo cuckoo’ tock
Minister Michael Rougarou McCormack.....aviation? What aviation?

There must be an election coming up. The ‘Miniscule for swamp dwelling and trough gorging’ has had his spin doctors release a plethora of pithy media releases, almost on a daily basis of late. The releases relate mainly to the odd shitty bridge here, a road there, here some piffle, there some waffle and lots of lots of folly. But where art thou Aviation announcements? Where are the policy announcements relating to some aviation reform, a change to the Act, an overhaul of CAsA, less regulatory burden upon aviation businesses?? Where where where? I will tell you where - up his ass! Nothing. This muppet has the ability to stand still like a cardboard cutout with a vacant stare on his face like a deer in the headlights. Useless dross.

This close to an election and nothing for aviation - well I say fuck him off. Vote with your feet boys and send this muppet back to doing reports for the local newspaper in his electorate. Send him back to the politician swamp where they all lurk beneath the dross, watching, waiting and seeking to devour another taxpayer treat.

Miniscule Rougarou;
“The rougarou (alternatively spelled as roux-ga-roux, rugaroo, or rugaru) is a legendary creature in Laurentian French communities linked to European notions of the werewolf. It prowls swamps looking for victims.”


I’m not what may be considered a ‘political’ animal; in fact the Canberra carrying's on are resolutely, for the most part – ignored. However – if the current government was a rugby team I supported, I’d be despairing.

The amount of free kicks this vacuous, ovine pretender to ministerial power is offering the opposition is disgraceful. I write of ‘matters aeronautical’ of course. The proposed, Senate led, inquiry into aviation is being orchestrated and managed by non other than the government's opposition. Aided and abetted by a truly bi-partisan committee which has endured the endless obfuscation, the unbelievable clap-trap and slightly disingenuous answers to their honest concerns. It is, by the by, a committee which has had it’s findings, disrespectfully treated, with gross contempt. I refer to the 30 odd Pel-Air recommendations, combined with the 30 odd Pel-Air  Forsyth report recommendations which were, arbitrarily, dismissed and ‘opinion’.

I hope Glenn Sterle gets his inquiry up and running; it is time for the ‘powerful’ Senate to exert it’s serious authority on those who should be serving the country, not themselves and being a law unto themselves.

Should the committee decide to open the scale and import of this inquiry to public submissions – over the entire gamut of ‘wrong’; then it is a thing of beauty and, hopefully, a joy for ever. They (the committee) must be as sickened, as we all are. The cost to the country, the damage inflicted on an industry, etc.  Time to take the gloves off Senators; methinks.

It is also my round – no less than 6 empty glasses sit on the bar. “ Same again please”.
Barmybaby to make a comeback before Xmas??  

Seems like the Nats are starting to wise up to the fact that the DPM and miniscule 8G McDo'Naught might be a nice guy but is totally useless and has NFI what he is doing... Rolleyes

Via the Oz:

Quote:Barnaby Joyce ‘open’ to comeback as leader of National Party, if he’s drafted

[Image: f5f3f1d1260ca25b996fd904d1d78c12?width=650]Barnaby Joyce during Question Time today. On return to leadership speculation he said “if anything was offered to me, I would take it”. Picture: Lukas Coch/AAP

Barnaby Joyce is open to being drafted by Nationals MPs for a return to the Deputy Prime Ministership ahead of the next election, but has denied making calls to any of his colleagues asking for their votes.

The renewed focus on a comeback from Mr Joyce comes as the Nationals face internal turmoil, disagreement over policy and growing concern the party must compete more strongly with the Liberals to upholds its key interests.

Some Nationals MPs have also defied the appeal from Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack not to background journalists, telling The Australian today they believed Mr Joyce had the support of many of his colleagues to return to the Nationals leadership.

The growing tensions within the Nationals follow claims from 2GB broadcaster Ray Hadley this morning that Mr McCormack had backgrounded journalists against Mr Joyce in the political crisis that forced Mr Joyce to stand down in February.

Mr Joyce told The Australian today: “I have never called one colleague to ask for their vote, not one. My focus is making sure I look after people in New England”.

“I am focused on the National Party getting the best possible result at the next election and as many of our colleagues retaining their seats — which is what we did last time — and also picking one up on the way”.

However, Mr Joyce also indicated that if he was offered the leadership then he would take the position. Speaking on Sky News, he said: “I’ve always said that, if anything was offered to me, I would take it”.

“It is faux modesty to say, if you are offered a job you will turn it down. That is garbage”.
Mr Joyce also expressed concern on moving the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, especially in relation to trade.

“We’ve got to be careful. In Indonesia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan; there’s lots of sensitivity here. We have to take them on this journey with us.”


Quote:[Image: uGHrK0tQ_normal.jpg]
Sky News Australia


[Image: DpsAUd0XoAAlk0b?format=jpg&name=small]

.@Barnaby_Joyce on moving the Australian embassy in Israel to Jerusalem: We've got to be careful. Indonesia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan; there's lots of sensitivity here. We have to take them on this journey with us.

MORE:  #Speers
4:45 PM - Oct 17, 2018

Some of Mr Joyce’s colleagues told The Australian today: “I know Barnaby does harbour aspirations to return before the election. Whether he wants to pursue that or wants to be drafted is another question”.

“If Barnaby wanted to come back and he bid for the leadership, I’d probably vote for Barnaby”.

Another Nationals MP agreed the leadership issue could be revisited before the next election, saying: “There are strong arguments from within to look at this sooner”.

The MP warned of a “leadership void” and questioned the ability of Mr McCormack to stand up for the party’s interests.

Earlier today, Nationals frontbencher Darren Chester dismissed speculation that Mr Joyce was positioning to regain the deputy prime ministership.

Mr Chester labelled the claims as “rubbish” and declared Mr McCormack had the full support of the Nationals’ partyroom.

“Parliament House is a nest of rumours and innuendo, it runs through the building and everyone gets excited, but I am sitting here telling you it is rubbish,” Mr Chester told Sky News.

Mr Chester said Mr McCormack had the values that regional people want to see in a leader.
“He has got a family, he lives in Wagga Wagga, he was brought up there, he had a small business there, he is a passionate fella for regional NSW, in fact all of regional Australia,” Mr Chester said.

“He is a personal friend of mine and I back him 100 per cent and I think he has strong support across our partyroom.”

Mr McCormack told The Australian in response to the comments made by Mr Joyce that he would continue to work with the former party leader, saying the Nationals were a “fantastic grassroots party focused on issues that matter to country people”.

However, he said that regional communities expected the Nationals to provide stable leadership which understood their “specific needs” and “unique differences” -- arguing his leadership was delivering this.

“All of us are working to deliver for country communities, to back small business and to back farmers, which is where Barnaby is playing an important role as drought envoy,” he said.

“I will continue to work with Barnaby and all my colleagues to stick up for regional Australia and for country people”.

“Regional Australians want secure and stable leadership which listens to their specific needs, understands their unique differences and delivers for them -- that’s what The Nationals stand for.

“And that’s what my leadership is providing”.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud, who was a leadership contender following Mr Joyce’s decision to step down earlier this year, told The Australian: “There’s no chance of a leadership contest. Even if there was, I am not interested in any position”.

Nationals frontbencher Darren Chester told The Australian there was no push against Mr McCormack and that Mr Joyce did not have the numbers.

“The Press Gallery is being played like a poorly tuned banjo. There is no challenge and Michael has the support of the National Party room,” Mr Chester said.

“If anyone has a problem they should raise it in the party room in the normal course of business. And no-one has raised a problem in the last seven months. It’s horse shit”.


Quote:Unthinkable twist looms in Barnaby Joyce saga
BARNABY Joyce’s career could take an unthinkable twist in the wake of his scandalous affair with former staffer Vikki Campion.
[Image: sam-clench.png]
Sam Clench @SamClench

[img=0x0][/img] OCTOBER 15, 2018 11:49AM

[Image: e6227f7b36a4a1b6eb04077fcfa1b18c?width=650]
Barnaby Joyce. Pic: Gary RamageSource:News Corp Australia

BARNABY Joyce could complete an unthinkable political turnaround and return to the leadership of the National Party, despite the scandal-ridden past that now plagues him.

Yesterday the Sunday Telegraph reported the Nationals’ party room had “completely blown up” and none of its 22 members could confidently rule out the possibility of Mr Joyce calling for a spill this year.

Speaking to ABC News Breakfast this morning, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud stressed his party was satisfied with the performance of Michael McCormack, who replaced Mr Joyce as leader after his affair with former staffer Vikki Campion was revealed to the public.

“We are pretty happy. Things are back on track and people expect us to focus on them and not on us,” Mr Littleproud said.

But he also fuelled the sudden surge of speculation about Mr Joyce’s ambitions.

[Image: cba427944668e2f0ff2b5f8dc0435692?width=650]

Never say never. Pic: Kym SmithSource:News Corp Australia

“Never say never in politics. The reality is it’s a fluid place, Canberra. Anything can happen in the future and Barnaby has a lot more to offer in regional and rural Australia,” he said.

“He hasn’t broken any law. That’s the reality. I’m not supporting his lifestyle choices but he’s his own person and he’s got the right to privacy.”

One of the reasons Mr McCormack was chosen to succeed Mr Joyce in the leadership — his “nice guy” image — is now hurting him among colleagues who feel he lacks traction.

Mr Joyce has also been a strong fundraiser for the party in the past, a consideration which will become ever more important as the election approaches and MPs focus on defending their seats.

“Of course Barnaby Joyce, as the old saying goes, still has a field marshal’s baton in his knapsack. Of course he does,” former Queensland premier Campbell Newman told Sky News last night.

“As to whether he would ever come back after that position, well, I think a few other things have to go down before then. And surely he would see that it’s not going to help the PM or the Coalition in an election lead-up for next year to have any sort of further instability on the Nats’ side of the House.”

Quote:[Image: uGHrK0tQ_normal.jpg]
[url=]Sky News Australia


.@CampbellNewman on the possibility of Barnaby Joyce calling a National Party spill:

He still has a field marshal’s baton in his knapsack. But surely he would see it wouldn’t help the PM or the Coalition to have any further instability.

MORE:  #PMLive
10:50 PM - Oct 14, 2018
Mr Joyce himself has been up front about his willingness to take on a leadership role again.

“You take the punches on the chin and move on, and I’m doing that. I’m going to make sure that the great honour I have of representing the people of New England, I’ll keep doing it to the very best of my ability,” he said a week ago.

He said he was “not touting” for the leadership but would do any job offered to him by his colleagues.

“Any job that my nation offers me, I’ll take it and run with it and go as hard as I possibly can, because that’s what you’re supposed to do,” Mr Joyce said.

“If responsibility is offered to you, you accept it. It's faux modesty to say, ‘Oh no, I’ll put that aside, because I want to live a quiet life.’ You go as hard as you can and when you’re sick of going as hard as you can, you get out.”

Mr Joyce is currently serving the government as a special envoy for drought assistance — a position Labor labelled “a joke” and a “slap in the face” for farmers.

He has also been outspoken on energy policy. Today, he told The Australian the government should “prioritise coal-fired power stations” instead of sinking money into the Snowy 2.0 hydro scheme.

“It is a net energy user, it doesn’t create energy,” he said of the hydro-electric proposal. “You can’t increase supply by reducing supply, and this means you need baseload power.”

His political career took an abrupt nosedive thanks to his relationship with Ms Campion, which was exposed earlier this year. The couple have since welcomed a son together, named Sebastian.

Breaking her silence about the saga during an interview with Channel 7’s Sunday Night in June, Ms Campion said “conservatives” in the National Party had pressured her to terminate the pregnancy.

“They came to me and they said ‘You’re pregnant and you have to get an abortion’. And they said, ‘If you don’t, they’re gonna come after you’,” she said.

“And I said, ‘it’s too late, it has a heartbeat.’ And they said, ‘If you don’t, they’re gonna come after you.’’’

Mr Joyce refused to name those who had targeted Ms Campion, but said they were “absolute scum of the earth”.
[/size] comment -  Big Grin

MTF...P2  Tongue
In the third drawer? A mystery.

It is time for (dare I say it) ‘leadership’. Australia became a great place because of ‘good men and true’ who wanted nothing more- or less – than this nation flourish. The simple truth is that it is not. So tangled up in the ‘stay in power’ at any cost race, our nation's leaders seem to have forgotten, what this land is all about – the people who live here; not their ‘newspoll’ rating. Right or Wrong? Does it matter when people are homeless and those who would work; cannot because to get a laboring job, on a building site is more trouble than it’s worth. Hell's teeth; when I first came of age, I could – if it suited me; have three jobs and still study.
Time to make Australia, once again, the best country ever. Leaders not milksops and wannbe popular journalists who believe that departmental advice is the road to re-election Nirvana. IT AIN’T…….
“If Barnaby wanted to come back and he bid for the leadership, I’d probably vote for Barnaby”.
 “He hasn’t broken any law. That’s the reality. I’m not supporting his lifestyle choices but he’s his own person and he’s got the right to privacy.”
One of the reasons Mr McCormack was chosen to succeed Mr Joyce in the leadership — his “nice guy” image — is now hurting him among colleagues who feel he lacks traction.
Mr Joyce refused to name those who had targeted Ms Campion, but said they were “absolute scum of the earth
A vote for Barnaby is a vote for the Australia we all want it to be.

Anything is possible. But do we want him back in the DPM role? Certainly the dopey Chester and the cardboard cutout McDo’nothing were much worse than Beetroot Head, but let’s be honest, they are all in it for themselves and are full of shit. Speaking of being full of shit;

Mr Joyce told The Australian today: “I have never called one colleague to ask for their vote, not one. My focus is making sure I look after people in New England”.

Ha ha ha. A politician focusing on his constituents? HA HA HA HA. Faaaark off mate. You are in it for the money and for getting your todger chewed off.

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